I am sure most if not all of you remember Frankie's story:
My younger years were just about as happy as a dog could want. It was me, my 2 canine siblings or 4 leggers as I call them, and our dad, a 2 legger. We enjoyed playing ball in our yard, snuggling up together on the couch to watch TV and just having a good old time. One day, suddenly, everything started to change. One of my 4 legged friends passed away suddenly and then, if you can believe it, my other 4 legged friend, passed on also. It was simply horrifying. My dad and I were just so upset. It was  very sad, but we still had each other. We would stick together to the end. Then just as suddenly as this whole sad mess began, my dad unexpectedly went to meet our other canine friends at the Rainbow Bridge. That's the place in Heaven where I guess we are suppose to meet. I was with him when he passed. I was so confused I didn't know what to do, so I just stayed with him. I stayed with him until a bunch of 2 leggers came and carried my dad away and took me away also. Since then I have just been trying to find my place. Many people have graciously taken me in, but none for a permanent forever home. For one reason or another, I would just stay a short while and then move on. They tell me it wasn't anything I did wrong, but it still made me sad. Although I miss my friends, unless someone told you my sad story, you would never know I have been through so much. I love everyone who gives me attention and all I want is to be loved back. I don't mess in the house, I love kids and other dogs, I guess, if I do say so myself, I am quite easy to take care of. Just give me some food and love and I promise you I will return all the love and more. If someone is out there that will give me a forever home until it is my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, I promise I will be forever grateful.
UPDATE: Since that was written, we found out that Frankie has cancer. Frankie had a grapefruit sized lump removed from his side and unfortunately it was determined that was cancer. Since it was close to his lungs, it quite often metastisizes to the lungs. Placing Paws is keeping a close eye on Frankie and Care Animal Hospital is monitoring him very closely with regular check ups and X-rays when needed. Do to his uncertain future, his foster family has agreed to permanently foster Frankie. He will be living out his days as a permanent Placing Paws resident. However, Frankie's medical bills are very extensive and he continues to have ongoing expenses. Frankie's current vet bill is _____ and he will continue to need supportive care until his time comes. Frankie's ongoing expenses include_________Please sponsor Frankie and help Placing Paws cover his expenses. Once again, Frankie will be forever grateful. Thank you.


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Thank You!

Thank you to all that showed up to both Halloween Partys Oct 29th & 30th. Pictures from the events can be seen here:
Oct. 29th Central Bark

Oct 30th K-9 Playtime

A Big Thank You to all that showed up at Egg Harbor On Aug. 5th, 2011 to "Dine And Share" and helped raise money for Ruby's medical care.

A huge THANK YOU to Egg Harbor Cafe in Libertyville and all those that came out on May 1st to help support Jesse and contribute to her surgeries. A big thank you also goes out to her wonderful foster family for taking such great care of her and showing her what love really is.

Jesse is an adorable 5 month old lab mix. She was found along with her brothers in a school yard on a rainy day in Southeast Mousouri. Jesse was found with a injured leg. She had surgery in an attempt to save her leg, but unfortunately, the damage was too extensive and her leg will had to be removed.

Placing Paws would like to thank the following business for hosting us for various events:

Central Bark Grayslake for hosting a Halloween benefit for us on Oct. 30

Egg Harbor Cafe in Libertyville for opening up for us for dinner on Sept. 21

Vernon Hills Athletic Center for allowing us to have a meet and greet with all of our adoptable animals there September 11.

K-9 Playtime for various events.

Donations Needed

Placing Paws is always in need
of financial contributions to help
cover medical expenses.
Other items that are
always needed are:
Gas cards, blankets,
crates, toys, Purina One
dog and cat food,
collars, leashes,
dog and cat shampoo,
Frontline & Heartguard.
If you are able to help
please contact us at

Kids 4 Paws

Kids4Paws is for the
youth rescue volunteers
(ages 10-17) of Placing Paws. 
Youth volunteers help with
public awareness campaigns
in Lake County, Illinois
(eg. school presentations), fundraisers, adoption events, and some hands-on animal care as well as participate in fun and educational field trips
(visiting other rescues,
meeting professionals who
work with animals, etc.).
If you are intersted in joining
the Kids 4 Paws Club
Please email us at:

Kids 4 Paws members enjoyed an afternoon bowling April 11.

Kids 4 Paws members enjoy a day at the Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society