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"Once I was a lonely dog,
Just looking for a home.
I had no place to go,
... No one to call
my own . . "

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Frontline & Heartguard.
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Stories of Rescue
Along the road of rescue we meet many animals. Every single one of them is special in their own way, however, every once in a while there is an animal that for one reason or another has a story that needs to be told. Placing Paws would like to share some of their stories.
“ . . . I saved one animal and it didn’t change the world , but surely the world changed for that one animal . . .”
Hurricane Relief Dogs
Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma not only caused massive devastation, flooding and power outages affecting humans but also left 1000's of animals without homes and in danger.  The response on the ground was incredible and yet there is still so much work to be done.  We have been able to rescue 16 disaster relief dogs (both from Florida and Texas) and now are asking for some financial help.  The dogs that were cleared to leave each state to other shelters and rescue groups were dogs already in shelters when the storms hit.  These are not dogs that had families that were coming back for them.  Each one of these dogs will need to be spayed or neutered.  4 of them are positive for heartworms and will need treatment.  A few need some extra socialization.  A few are ready made "Disney Dogs".  All deserve this chance.  Each dog will be current on all vaccines, microchipped, dewormed, kept current on flea and tick and heartworm prevention and altered prior to adoption. Please help us help them.  Any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated.
Rest in Peace John Vicik

We lost a precious part of our Placing Paws family. John Vicik passed away January 28th. Several years ago John stepped up and fostered a pregnant dog named Buttercup. We offered him a whelping box but he declined because he wanted to build his own. That whelping box has since whelped countless other litters. He fostered Buttercup through delivery and then her and her six babies for 8 weeks until they were ready for adoption. He did an amazing job! He ended up keeping mama who he called Maggie and also kept the mamas girl of the litter named Macy. At their one year birthday he hosted a birthday party in his backyard. John was a wonderful, kind and gentle man. It was our honor and pleasure to work with him and welcome him into our rescue family. He will be dearly missed by so many. Rest in Peace John. 1-28-16.

In Loving Memory . . . Jim Moore

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you, Becky Palmieri's dad Jim Moore lost his hard fought battle with pancreatic cancer on August 12th, 2014.  Becky is one of the 4 founding members of Placing Paws and her family has been very involved and supportive of our rescue.
Jim was an incredible man, deeply devoted to his family and to the Evans Scholars Foundation where he worked for 40+ years.
He has touched 1000's of lives over his career and countless Evan's Scholars said they wouldn't be where they are today without the help and guidance of Jim Moore.

Pictured is Becky with her family, her dad and the last dog they adopted from Placing Paws last spring "Stanley Pup". Stanley was a faithful companion to Jim. He said he wanted his last dog to be a golden retriever and shortly thereafter a golden puppy came into our rescue. We think he was meant to be the Moore families dog.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Palmieri and Moore families as we grieve along with them.
This world lost one of the good guys, he will be missed by so many.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers, memorials to Evans Scholars Foundation, One Briar Road, Golf, IL 60029, www.wgaesf.org or
Placing Paws of Illinois.

Memorial Service Sunday August 24th, 2014, 1:00 p.m. at the United Methodist Church of Libertyville 429 Brainerd Ave. Libertyville, IL 60048.


In Loving Memory of Keith Carlson
In Loving Memory of Keith Carlson, beloved cousin of Placing Paws Founder and Director, Becky Palmieri. Keith had a strong passion for animals and over the years the families many adopted pets provided him with great joy. He is pictured here with his precious dog Gretchen. Keith and Gretchen were inseparable. Wherever Keith went, Gretchen was right by his side. No one ever messed with Keith because if they did, they had Gretchen to answer to! She was as completely devoted to Keith as he was to her. One time on a family camp out, Gretchen tried to get to a squirrel from the inside of Keith's tent. The next morning, Keith's tent looked like a hurricane raced through the campground missing every tent but Keith's! It didn't bother Keith any! He was snoring away while his tent collapsed around him with Gretchen faithfully by his side. Keith had a heart of gold and was loved by all who knew him, 2 leggers and 4 leggers alike. I am certain Gretchen was wagging her tail with excitement as she watched Keith cross over the rainbow bridge to greet her. They are together once again. 
$1000 Summer Raffle
One of the Many Faces of Hoarding
Summer was rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky after being voluntarily surrendered by her owner who was a hoarder.  57 animals were turned over to the Whitley County Animal Control in Whitley County Kentucky.  Waggin Hearts Rescue was at the shelter when many of the dogs were brought in and reached out via Facebook to rescue groups in the Chicago area and Wisconsin to help.  Placing Paws was able to commit to Summer a small golden mix that was thought to be pregnant.  Summer arrived via volunteer transport on Saturday May 4th.  She was immediately given some food and water and then taken for a bath.  She required 2 baths just to get her clean enough to start removing the ticks that covered her from head to tail.  We pulled more than 100 ticks from this 33.5 pound dog.  Summer stood still while we pulled ticks off her skin, happy to have some attention.  When her bath was over we took her outside where she rolled around on her back in the grass as if she were saying "wow does that feel good!"  Summer is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  She is a very gentle natured girl who loves her people.  Her tail wags a mile a minute whenever you show her any attention.
Monday May 6th Summer was taken to Care Animal Hospital in Libertyville to have an exam and to confirm her pregnancy.  The news from the vet was very disturbing.  Dr. Roder did confirm her pregnancy by doing an ultrasound and X-ray.  She guessed her to be about 30 - 35 days along.  Typical gestation for a dog is about 60 days, so she is about halfway through her pregnancy.  She also saw some buckshot on the X-ray, found that both of her knees have luxating patella's (dislocated kneecaps) and she saw two opaque masses near her rectum.  Upon further exam she was able to remove a pebble and the other mass is guessed to be a pebble as well that we hope she will pass on her own.  Dr. Roder ran blood work and unfortunately she tested positive for heartworms.  She also has an elevated liver enzyme, low protein and low thyroid.  The liver, protein and thyroid are most likely due to all of the parasites that she is being treated for.  We are hopeful that after a dose of de-worming that she will start to feel better and her organs will return to more normal function.  What this mama dog endured in her previous life we can only guess.  So far we do know, she is emaciated, has been shot at, has 2 bad knees, heartworm disease and was eating rocks, all the while carrying her babies.  Summer is a very special dog that will require lots of medical care but she has a survivors spirit and you can tell she is just happy to have been rescued.  Summer is in a wonderful foster home where she is getting regular meals, lots of TLC and a clean and quiet place to recover from her trauma.  We will continue to post updates on Summer's recovery and the delivery of her pups.

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UPDATED 5-22-13 Summer went to see Dr. Whetstone at Care Animal Hospital today to have an X-ray taken to see how many puppies she will have. She saw 4 little ones on the X-ray and thinks she is about 7 - 10 days away from delivery. Her eating has slowed down because the pups are pushing on her stomach. She is starting to nest in the family's pantry. It's getting close ... stay tuned for more updates. Click for new pictures
5-30-13 Summer has had her babies! Click for pictures of Summer & her babies
Austin is Finally Home
Austin, a senior golden was surrendered to Placing Paws in late March of 2013.  His owner had him since he was a puppy but didn't feel he had time for him anymore nor could he give him the attention he deserved. So, he reached out to Placing Paws for help and help is what he got!   Austin was immediately taken in by a fantastic foster mom.  Once in his foster home his foster mom noticed some things that were of concern to her.  He was diagnosed with the early stages of congestive heart failure.  He was put on a diuretic to help eliminate the fluid buildup around his heart, a blood pressure medicine and an arthritis medication.  It was also recommended that he be put on a low sodium diet.  His foster mom followed doctors orders to a "T" and within a few days he showed marked improvement.  Austin started panting less, his chest was visibly less swollen and he had a little extra pep in his step.  The great news came several weeks later when the foster moms brother and sister in law decided to make Austin part of their very special family in Virginia.  Some journeys for rescued dogs are longer than others. For Austin, he waited almost 10 years and traveled 1600 miles to find his forever home.  On May 5th, Austin and a volunteer set out on his journey to his new home.  The car trip was 11 hours one way but worth every minute.  Welcome Home Austin!  
Click here for pictures of Austin and his journey.
Olivia, shot in the face and leg with a shot gun
Olivia is a 2 year old sweet, beautiful yellow lab that was shot in the face and leg with a 12 gauge shot gun. Olivia came up from MO on March 26th. She was taken in by a rescue worker in the area on March 12th. She was immediately taken to the vet and they did surgery on her eye in MO. She also was shot in the leg and was still not walking on her right hind leg 2 weeks after the incident. Placing Paws was contacted by the rescue worker in MO and was brought up here on a special transport to be seen by Animal Emergency and Treatment Center in Grayslake. Dr. Baker, the surgeon that did the surgery on Black Bear, aka, Louie, examined her and it was determined that her hind right ankle had been broken. Unfortunatley, too much time has passed since the injury occured to fix the ankle. It was causing her terrible pain, so the decision was made to amputate her leg. She is such a sweet dog despite being in so much pain. Poor girl has so much buckshot in her that it is unbelievable. The x rays showed nearly 50 pellets best as I could do a quick assessment of the number. The good news about the buck shot is that they should not affect her. She is in a lot of pain now, but her prognosis is good. Please look at the photos and video of her on Facebook. She is so pitiful.


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Oakley, Hit by a car shattered pelvis
Oakley is a 7-9 month old Dachshund mix that was hit by a car on March 6th in southeast MO. He then was dumped in a field across from the Sikeston Area Humane Society. On Thursday, March 7th, despite several fractures to his pelvic region, he managed to hobble up to a worker at the humane society. The humane society then contacted a rescue worker in that area. Oakley spent the weekend of March 9th at a vet's office in MO. When Placing Paws became aware of the extent of his injuries, we began making arrangements to get Oakley to Animal Emergency and Treatment Center in Grayslake, IL to see Dr. Baker. Oakley arrived at AETC on Monday March 11th. On Tues, March 12th, Dr. Baker performed surgery on Oakley. Please Read Oakley's full story and see more pictures on his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oakley-hit-by-a-car-shattered-pelvis/159797940850038
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Welcome to Addison and her Puppies and
Truman the Pyrenees
Addison was found stray in the middle of the Interstate looking for food. She had left her puppies behind in a shed and wandered about 2 miles from them in search of something to eat. Addison was picked up by a rescue worker in MO and her picture was posted on Facebook in hopes to find her puppies. A week later the owner came forward and pups and mom were reunited. The arrived to Placing Paws on April 7, 2013 and are settled in their foster home. Truman was abandoned at an animal shelter in MO on a day they were closed. Luckily for him there was a rescue worker there when he got dropped off and she brought him straight home.
Click here to see pictures from the rescue flight.

It takes a team to save 11 dogs, most were saved at the 11th hour from a gassing shelter
On January 5, 2013 Placing Paws received a desperate email from Benita, a rescue partner in South East Mo regarding many different dogs needing rescue as they were in overflowing shelters in Missouri many of whom use gas chambers to euthanize their dogs when they are full.  We reached out to our network of supporters and found foster homes for all 11 dogs that we were asked to help with.  As soon as we told the rescuers in Missouri that we had foster homes for them all the coordination started to take place.  It takes a team of people to be able to rescue 11 dogs and get them from SE Missouri to Northern Illinois.  We are blessed to have some wonderful rescue friends and partners in Missouri that we work with.  These wonderful women go into the shelters daily and get pictures of the dogs in need, temperament test them and test them with other dogs.  At that point any that are lucky enough to have a rescue to take them get pulled from the shelter and taken to the vet for whatever they may need.  From there the dogs go into their own homes while they await transport to us.  This particular group of dogs came with some extra challenges and needed to be handled with extra care.  We rescued a pregnant chocolate lab mix, a nursing mama with a single week old puppy, an 8 week old litter of pups and their mama and two older pups.  Since we were concerned about the stress a ground transport could put these dogs through we asked if we could get a rescue flight.  Laura Holloway contacted a pilot (Don Reiser) who generously donates his time for fly rescue flights.  He said he would be able fly them up on Saturday the 12th and we were thrilled with this news!  The local airport in Sikeston, MO donated gas for his return trip.  Around 3pm on Saturday afternoon 12 dogs landed safely at Campbell airport in Grayslake, IL.  One dog went to another rescue and all the rest are in Placing Paws foster homes being spoiled rotten - the way it should be!  A heartfelt thank you goes to everyone that helped rescue this wonderful group of deserving dogs.
Click here to see pictures from the rescue flight.
Black Bear
January 9th, 2013 we rescued a one-year young black lab named Black Bear.  Black Bear was shot in the face sometime in the morning of January 8th.  His family let him out to go potty and roam and when he came back at noon he had been shot. 
He was brought to the vet that night and surrendered to rescue by his owner the next day.  One of Placing Paws most amazing foster moms contacted a friend of hers that drove all the way to Sikeston, MO to pick up Black Bear.  
He arrived at Grayslake AETC the evening of January 10th.  The orthopedic specialist at this point is optimistic about his prognosis.  Please help us pray for a full and speedy recovery for Black Bear. We reach out to you asking for your support to help us provide care to Black Bear who will need reconstructive surgery, pain management care, and a long recovery.  
We will post updates as we have them on Facebook.
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Update 2-14-13
Louie aka "Black Bear" has been adopted and is doing fantastic in his new home! He has made himself right at home as you can see from the pictures. He loves to lay on his back and beg for belly rubs. Louie is able to eat hard food now! This has been the moment he has been waiting for! He has gained 4 pounds and looks great! The best Valentine Gift that Louie could have received is the love of his new family. It is truly amazing how wonderful it was to have such a huge group of people come together to support Louie aka Black Bear.
We would like to extend a sincere heart felt thank you to everyone who followed his story, shared his story, donated for his care and also a special thank you to the following people:
Dr. Baker, nurse Carrie, nurse and foster mom Marie, and all of the other wonderful and caring Vets and Staff of Animal Emergency and Treatment Center , Grayslake IL, The Mosby Foundation, LABMED, The Buddy Foundation, Dave Wedell for driving to and from Missouri to bring Black Bear to Placing Paws, Marla and Lotto at K-9 Playtime, Mundelein IL, Kathy Mordini at the Examiner
See more of Black Bear's updated pictures
Bo is a wonderful and sweet lab mix that was rescued in Girard GA.  We received the below e-mail as a plea for help:

"There are three precious 5-6 month old puppies who have been obviously DUMPED in Girard, Ga. They are running the rd.'s in this small rural South Ga. town looking for food and someone to take them home. Sadly this will not happen here. I am a rescue overwhelmed with stray and abandoned animals here and am sadly out of space. I feel so sorry for them and have been taking them food and water. I was at the local convenience store on Friday night. There were lots of people getting gas and these poor babies were coming up to them for a pat on the head or petting or a piece of their hot dog. They were screaming at them, hitting at them to get away from them and even saw a few looking at them like they would make great bait dogs. Some of the people there I was familiar with their faces and know what part of town and "sports" they participate in. I just cried...what do I do? It's hard to sleep knowing these babies are out there and I know we are all packed to the gills with stray, and abandoned animals but am hoping someone has space for these three pups. They are gorgeous, and have beautiful shinny black coats. (I know, MORE BLACK DOGS right?) I looked at their coats and there is strangely NO FLEAS!! Two females and one male. Lab mixes...probably all siblings.They are extremely friendly and sweet as the day is long, especially long for them I am sure...can anyone help? I am sick over this!!
Thanks for reading and please pass this along...It's getting beyond BAD here in this county which has NOTHING in place it's animals in need."

From the time of the original e-mail the pups continued to live at the convenience store begging for food.  Sometimes they would run off but they would always come back to each other.  Bo and his two sisters were all rescued.  Unfortunately not before Bo and his sis Clover were both hit by cars.  The third sister was taken in by a rescue and quickly adopted.  Clover had surgery on her jaw in GA, she arrived here November 3rd and is looking for her own forever home  The night that Bo was rescued his resuer wrote:

"I have the dog here with me now as of last nite. Some dude at a house where I found him said he was going to take him home with him...OH NO..I told him he was MY dog and I was taking him with me. They were having a party and he was obviously eating scraps there...after i got him home he was so bloated he threw up plastic caps from gallon jugs, plastic rings from containers and God only knows what kind of meat that was!!"

Bo is in our care now.  He is in a wonderful foster home who will take great care of him until he is ready for adoption.  Bo was seen by an orthopedic specialist and it was determined that one of his front legs needs to be amputated.  It was broken below the elbow and it of course didn't heal properly.  The bone healed twisted and the growth of that bone was stunted so it is now too short, making it impossible to repair.  Poor Bo already has arthritis in his leg (at only 7 - 9 mos of age) so we must do what is right for him and amputate the leg so he can live a normal pain free life. Even with all the tragedy and pain in his young life Bo is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  He loves everyone he meets and lives his life to the fullest.  Bo is grateful for his second chance.

UPDATE: 11-6-12

On Tues, Nov. 6th, Bo went to Grayslake Animal Emergency and Treatment Center to have his severely injured and painful leg removed. The surgery was performed by their orthopedic specialist. The surgery went well. Bo remained at AETC overnight so that their 24 hour staff could carefully monitor and manage his pain and surgery site. Bo is a trooper and did well in recovery. Bo went home with his foster mom on the evening of Nov 7th. 

Bo's recovery has gone very well and on Saturday, Nov 10th, he had laser therapy treatment at TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation in Grayslake on his surgery wound. The laser therapy reduces inflammation and pain and stimulates healing. His surgery site is healing very nicely. He does have some swelling, but actually to a lesser degree than one would expect with an amputation, so that is good news for Bo. Bo did great at his therapy sesssion! He had wags and kisses for everyone! He is such a wonderful dog. Everyone at AETC and TOPS loves him and comments on what a special dog he is. Unfortunately, it was determined that Bo has very mild hip dysplasia in both hind legs. Since his hind legs will be especially important to Bo, having lost a front leg, every effort is being made to preserve the integrity of his joints and strengthen his hind legs. He will undergo exercise therapy at TOPS when he is ready. He has already been started on joint supplements per recommendation of the vet at TOPS
Click to see pictures of Bo & Clover
Lady, a beautiful and sweet purebred buff colored Cocker Spaniel was received into the loving care of Placing Paws on October 23, 2012.  She travelled to us all the way from Southern Illinois.  She was given up by the only "mom" she ever knew.  She was purchased from a breeder as an 8 week old pup. She was given up for a variety of reasons.  At first glance it seemed very sad and upsetting that her mom could give her up after 8 years.  As it turned out that was the BEST thing that ever happened to Lady. When Lady arrived she was examined by our vet, Dr. Morrison at Care Animal Hospital. The loving staff at the animal hospital even gave her a bath before going home with her foster mom because she was so itchy!  She immediately started treatment for a terrible skin infection, multiple hot spots and a double ear infection.  Our vet thinks that poor Lady has been suffering from untreated allergies and ear infections her whole life.  Imagine the discomfort of having yeast infections in both ears and all over your skin for 8 years!  Lady also unfortunately tested positive for heartworm disease.  Our vet is very impressed at the improvement in her skin after just 2 weeks of treatment.  She has already begun treatment for her heartworm infection.  Lady is absolutely the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  She loves all people and gets along with both dogs and cats. She is totally housebroken and fits into her foster home as though she has always lived there. She enjoys going on walks and does very well on leash.  One of her favorite activities is the belly rub.  She will plop down right next to you on her back and just wait for her rub.  Lady is a perfect name for this beautiful girl, she is quite the Lady.  She has lovely house manners, is very quiet and gentle and is a very polite little girl.  She weighs about 25 pounds and is just the right weight.  Lady is a dream dog and was in desperate need of rescue so she could live a better life. She is grateful for her second chance.
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Chelsie is a precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She was rescued from a small town animal control in South East Missouri.  How she got there we will never know. Chelsie is a very special girl that definitely deserves a second chance at a happy life.  You would never know by meeting Chelsie what a neglected past she must have had.  When she arrived to Placing Paws she was examined by our vet at Care Animal Hospital in Libertyville.  She was immediately treated for double ear infections and a bladder infection.  She needed a dental cleaning and had 16 teeth removed!  Some teeth were so loose you could wiggle them with your finger.  Soon after being placed into her foster home we learned that Chelsie is deaf.  Chelsie's awesome foster mom is a vet tech at Care Animal Hospital.  She has worked with her and taught her lots of commands.  Here is what her foster mom says about her,
"My foster dogs name is Chelsie. She is the most amazing dog I have ever fostered. She is deaf but she has adapted very well. I have taught her hand commands, sit, down, stay, come and outside. She learns them very quickly. The first time I gave her a hand command she lit up like the 4th of July, someone was actually communicating with her. She has never met a stranger, loves all people, dogs and cats. She is a devoted, loving dog. She has the gift of unconditional love,  which I know dogs have, but there is just something different about the way she shows it.  Everyone should have a friend like Chelsie.  She is completely house broken, only barks for a couple reasons, wants outside, wants my attention and when she wants to play with the other dogs. She fits in no matter where she is. Chelsie will get her forever home, but it will have to be the perfect home because she is the best friend anyone could ask for. I adore her, it would be a foster failure if there weren't hundreds of other dogs that need me. She works at Care Animal Hospital, so stop in to see her. She may be in the lobby to greet you."
We also found some mammary tumors on Chelsie and after consulting with the vet we determined that they needed to be removed. She had a successful surgery and the masses were determined to be low grade malignant.  There is a very low chance that they will reoccur.  Chelsie is looking forward to living a healthy life from here on out!
On November 21st Chelsie was adopted into her forever home.
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Watch Chelsie's video

Juliana is a beautiful sweet 15 week old puppy  that was picked up in MO when two women were walking and heard an innocent pup scream out in pain. They saw a car speed away and were not sure if the car hit her or threw her out the window. When the ladies that found Juliana gave her to a rescue worker in MO it was discovered that she had a previously broken leg that had already healed incorrectly and caused her pain. We secured a foster home and got Juliana to Placing Paws so that she could see an orthopedic specialist at Grayslake Animal Emergency and Treatment Center (AETC). While in MO, she had 2 different splints put on her leg in an effort to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, when she went to AETC, it was discovered that the splint had rubbed her leg raw and created an infection. To make matters worse, when she urinated, it poured into her splint, further irritating her leg. Additional X rays were done at AETC that revealed 2 old fractures. There is a healing proximal fibular fracture with callus formation noted. That fracture has started to heal and should be uneventful. The one that causes concern is the distal physeal/meaphyseal tibial fracture. It is close to the growth plate and has to be monitored. In order to treat the skin infection, the caring staff at AETC removed the splint that was applied at the MO vet. They shaved her entire leg, cleaned it with Nolvasan and then dried it thoroughly. Neopredef was applied, tefa and a 3 layer bandage with a splint was applied. Within only a few short days the infection showed marked improvement and she was feeling much better. 

Juliana is currently doing wonderful! The splint has been removed and she is getting around well. The distal growth plate fracture will require follow up to assure it does not cause issues, but for now, Juliana is doing great and living the life she deserves! She is a friendly, outgoing puppy that loves everyone! You would never know from her happy go lucky personality what hardship she has been through. It is amazing what these poor dogs endure and yet still have such a wonderful, forgiving outlook on life.

Click to see Juliana's Facebook page and more pictures of little Juliana


On November 20th, 2012 Aries was diagnosed with a severe infection of uncertain origin in his hind left leg. 
The infection came on suddenly and became life threatening very quickly. The infection was throughout his entire leg.  At one point his thigh area was swollen to 26 inches around and his ankle was swollen to 8 inches around.  Aries was treated for 6 days at Grayslake Animal Emergency and Treatment Center. Aries has recovered and has been adopted to a wonderful family.
Two fundraisers were held in December to help Aries. Central Bark Grayslake
Dec. 2nd and K-9 Playtime Dec. 16th.

This May, SEMO Animal Rescue in Mo received a call from local police about a dog running loose with an obviously hurt leg.   When the rescuer arrived, she learned from Ducky’s family that he had gotten hit by a car a few days earlier.  But instead of taking him to a vet for treatment, they duct taped his leg up and let him keep running the streets (hence his name).  SEMO insisted on taking Ducky and they got him immediate treatment.  Although no bones were broken, Ducky suffered severe nerve damage in his left leg.  Initially the vet recommended removing his leg, but they were seeing some improvement so they decided to let him continue to heal it. 
Ducky arrived in Illinois at the end of July and Placing Paws have had him examined by an orthopedic surgeon as well as rehabilitation specialists.  They’ve confirmed the nerve damage as well as some muscle issues due to compensating for his damaged leg.  Rehab experts have recommended a course of intensive therapy to help regain as much nerve function as possible.  There is a window of about 6 months for nerves to recover and we’re already halfway through that.  This therapy, including laser treatment for pain and to heal a wound on his toe, electrical stimulation on his muscles, acupuncture for pain and nerve stimulation, and hydrotherapy to help him gain strength in the muscles that have already atrophied, does not come cheap.  The first four weeks alone will cost about $2000. 
Despite what he’s been through, Ducky is an amazing guy.  He is sweet and affectionate, and yes he can be a little mischievous!  He doesn’t let his bad leg stop him and is an active pup. 
Click to see more pictures of Ducky


Sheba was rescued from SE Missouri. She was a stray that ended up at a small town animal control facility with an obvious leg or hip injury. She was very lucky to be rescued and brought to her foster home in MO where she was lovingly cared for by her foster mom until Placing Paws was able to receive her. Upon her arrival she was very sweet and one of her best buds was a Chihuahua named Pedro who traveled to Placing Paws with her.

Sheba was taken to see an orthopedic specialist for a consult to see what we could do to help her quality of life. To our surprise, she had not only 1 bad hip but actually both of them needed surgery. Based on her x-rays, the vet thinks she was hit by a car and her injuries were never treated. Her multiple pelvic fractures healed on their own and as you can guess they didn't heal properly. Sheba required both of her hips to be surgically repaired so that she can have a pain free life. Sheba has recovered from her first hip surgery and is recovering from her second hip surgery now. Sheba is in a wonderful foster home and her foster mom has been diligent about walking Sheba and doing the post surgery work that needs to be done to ensure she heals properly. Sheba is a wonderful dog. She loves everyone she meets, she is good with other dogs and cats too. She enjoys hanging out at Care Animal Hospital during the day where her foster mom works and greets everyone who comes in. Sheba is a lucky dog to have been rescued and given a second chance in life. Her foster mom adopted her and once Sheba was all healed, she is thinking about becoming a therapy dog to give back!

Fresca was picked up in Portageville, MO. She was living around the car part plant in town. She had been living off scraps that the workers fed her. She was a stray for a few months unable to be caught. When she was finally caught Animal Control was called to come and get her. She was taken immediately to the vet and then placed into a temporary foster home while she awaited transport to Placing Paws. Fresca's neglect left her emaciated and covered in mange resulting in secondary skin infections. It has taken months of treatment and loving care by her foster parents to get her skin to clear up and her coat to grow back. She has also been getting good quality food, medication, regular medicated baths and a wonderful supplement called Fido Vite http://placingpawsrescue.org/FidoVite.html. Look how beautiful she is now! Fresca is a wonderful dog, very sweet to everyone she meets, great with other dogs and so deserved a second chance at a happy life. Her name used to be "Mange Dog" and she used to live on the streets scraping for any food she could find. Now she is "Fresca", she is adopted and spoiled rotten, just the way it should be!



Trevor is a young beautiful lab mix that we committed to take from a rescue worker in Missouri last week. He was awaiting transport to us at an animal control facilty when he was viciously attacked by another dog. He was immediately taken to a vet for treatment and then transferred to an ER clinic for the weekend. Trevor sustained 2 broken ribs, a broken leg complicated by massive tissue damage, he has multiple bite wounds all over his body, torn ears and a huge open wound on his chest. He ultimately may have to have his damaged leg amputated to give him the best quality of life and the best chance at a speedy and successful recovery. Trevor was able to be transported to us January 9th
thanks to many volunteer drivers.
He is now at Animal Emergency and Treatment Center in Grayslake where he will be examined by a specialist so they can determine the best course of treatment.

Through it all Trevor continues to wag his tail and will
give kisses to anyone he can. 

He has an amazing spirit and will to survive. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and he is so young,
he deserves a chance at a happy healthy life.

We need to raise funds to help cover the cost of his care. Donations can be made through the Paypal link below.
Trevor will also need a foster home to recover in and ultimately a FOREVER family.
If anyone is interested in fostering
please let us know.

Please check out Trevors Facebook page
where you can view photos of him.


Thank you for your support.

UPDATE: On Thursday, 1-12-12, Trevor made a dramatic turn for the worse. It was becoming painfully evident that his wounds were not healing as the doctors had hoped that they would. The tissue was dying off at an alarming rate. The wounds on his body were so extensive and they were growing everyday as the skin died off. The doctors compared him to burn victim. It is expected that some skin die off, but Trevor's was dying off much faster and furious than they have hoped. If he were to survive, Trevor would have faced multiple painful reconstructive surgeries. These would have been increasingly challenging as there is not much healthy skin on his body to take grafts from. All of the skin on the top of his head from his forehead to back behind his ears was dying and falling off. He was literally losing all the skin on the top of his head. He also developed a temperature and the blood test results revealed that he had 3 bacteria in his blood stream. The concern of sepsis was greater than ever. Trevor's body was just not handling the extreme trauma that it endured. If Trevor was able to survive, his chances for returning his body to a pain free state was very low, and the surgeries and skin grafting to try to help his survive would have been excruciatingly painful . Trevor was receiving the best of care from Grayslake Animal Emergency and Treatment Center. He was on the strongest pain meds possible, feeding tubes, fluid, lots of antibiotics and a daily procedure to clean and tend to his wounds. Despite this, with the gentle guidance of three very caring doctors at the clinic, the decision to end his suffering was made. The outpouring of love and support for Trevor has been heartwarming. We greatly appreciate all of those who have reached out to help Trevor. This story does not have the ending that we wanted, but we can learn from Trevor's positive attitude even after all he endured. He has touched me deeply and I will never forget his kind, gentle, forgiving nature. I know he felt the love that was being poured out to him. The harsh reality is that even though Trevor is gone, PP still must cover the cost of the care that he received. If you would like to donate In Loving Memory of Trevor to help cover his costs and help us get other dogs like Trevor out of overcrowded animal control facilities so that this will not happen again please go to our website www.placingpawsrescue.org. All of us at Placing Paws send out a sincere heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Trevor. We will see him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ruby the Precious Gem . . .
On January 19th Ruby crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Cancer had taken over,
and there was nothing more that could be done for her.
Thank you to Ruby's foster family who showed her what true love was and
made her last days the best days of her life.
Ruby's spirit will never be forgotton. "An Angel got her wings"

Read Ruby's foster moms blog:

Ruby Update 9/19/11:
Ruby has become a favorite at Care Animal Hospital. She quickly became the resident mascot dog. She is adored by all and greets everyone with wags and kisses. She has recovered from two surgeries to remove the mass on her chest and is doing great. No one ever told her she was given a bad start in life! She is a happy, happy dog that loves life and has a very positive attitude. She always sees the glass half full. Lots of people could take a lesson from her.  Ruby has touched the hearts of many along the way. You can't help but to smile when you see her joyfully bouncing after a toy or ball. She makes you feel good inside. Ruby would love nothing more than to find her forever home and share all the joy that she has in her heart with a very lucky forever family.
View her new Video:
Ruby 7/26/11
Ruby, a beautiful 3-4 year old, 65 pound chocolate lab, is where it all started for most of the current labs of Placing Paws. Most of you know Ebony's story, well, meet Ebony's mom. These poor dogs lived on the property of a very irresponsible pet owner and they are all descendants of Ruby. They lived outside with little if any shelter, food and water.
Placing Paws Rescued Ruby's two daughters, Ebony and Dani.
Ebony came to us pregnant and 30 minutes after arriving, she had her current litter. 

We also took in Sergio, now Hobie, who is also Ebony's son from a previous litter.Rocky and Adrian are both Dani's pups.
All of these dogs are young and healthy and very adoptable.
The last poor soul left on the property was Ruby.
Often times the poor mamma is left behind.
View Ruby's video:

In Ancient cultures Ruby was associated with the protection of heart and digestive systems.  Ruby has long been associated with passionate love,
the love that Ruby has felt for her children and her children's children.  Only second to the diamond, Ruby is the strongest stone as is our Ruby, strong and loving.....

Despite the extreme neglect that Ruby endured resulting in pain andsuffering, she loves everyone!!! Ruby loves attention and greets everyone with a wagging tail, eager for affection. She is such a sweet and gentle soul, allowing the vet to examine
her with never as much as a complaint.

Her time spent outside has left her skin in very poor condition with resulting hair loss and severe infection. She has several masses on her body that are thought to be from the prolonged untreated infection. She will need a chest x-ray to determine the extent of the masses. Several skin scrapes have already been done and she will need more as time goes on. She has a large mass on her chest that will have to be removed. Her ears are also suffering from severe infection that is currently being treated. When she is healthy enough, she will have to be spayed and then heartworm treated as she tested positive. She is also on several medications and will need special food to help her skin. It is impossible to know how much her bill will be when all is said and done, but we do know that it will be A LOT! 

Buddy is a dog that came to Placing Paws in desperate need of rescue. He wandered out of the woods, right here in Libertyville and into someone's backyard in June of 2011 on a day it was 97 degrees! He layed there just waiting for someone to help him. The next day when he was still in the yard the family called Placing Paws for help. Buddy is an older English Springer Spaniel. It is hard to tell an exact age because this poor guy had not been taken care of and appears to have had a pretty rough life. At first glance, Buddy looked like an older dog that needed a haircut and a bath. Upon closer examination we found an emaciated dog underneath his long coat. He was covered in ticks, he had a double eye infection, was in desperate need of a dental cleaning with multiple tooth extractions. He also had a tumor on the side of his face that needed to be removed plus he has two bad knees. Buddy tested positive for exposure to both Lyme's Disease and Ehrlichia which are both tick born diseases and he was treated for them with antibiotics. The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Buddy is grateful. He loves to be pet, he loves human attention and he looks at you as if to say "thank you". Buddy was in a wonderful foster home that nursed him to health and saw him through the tumor removal and dental surgery. He was fostered for 5 short weeks before his forever family adopted him. Buddy could not have found a better home and he is now living the good life, actually the really good life.
Here is an update from his wonderful family:

It has been a while and I just wanted to let you know how Buddy is doing. He has really settled in now. He has a pile of soft toys that he likes to carry around. We get a welcome home tail-wag greeting now. He loves to be brushed. When I take out the brush he just flops down and stretches out. And of course going for walks is his favorite activity. He has a couple of dog friends that we sometimes walk with. He has just recovered from another surgery! It is a good thing he picked a home(us) that provides him with major medical. After he went for a bath and hair cut last month I noticed that one side of his chest was larger than the other. It was a fatty cyst but because of its location-in his armpit-the vet wanted to remove it before it got big enough to cause problems. It went in pretty deep and was under the muscle so it was a good decision to remove it. He is fully recovered now and I hope there will be no more issues.

Buddy on Adoption Day Buddy April 2012

Frankie’s story starts out just about as happy as a black Labrador could want. He lived with his “Dad” and 2 canine siblings.  They enjoyed playing ball in their yard, snuggling up together on the couch to watch TV and just having a good old time. One day, suddenly, everything started to change. One of Frankie’s 2 legged canine siblings passed away. Shortly thereafter, his other canine sibling also died. Then just as suddenly, his human Dad unexpectedly passed away and went to meet his other canine friends at the Rainbow Bridge . Frankie was with his human Dad when he passed, and he remained beside him until he was found. Frankie, at age 11, was now homeless. 

Frankie luckily was transferred to the care of Placing Paws, and Placing Paws went to work to find him a new “forever home”.  Many people graciously fostered Frankie for a short time, but none for a permanent forever home. It wasn't anything he did wrong: He just needed to find a permanent place to call home. Unless someone told his sad story, no one would ever know Frankie had through so much. He loved everyone who gave him attention and all he wanted was to be loved back. He had perfect house manners, loved adults, kids and other dogs. All Frankie asked for was some good food and lots of love and he promised to return all the love given and more. We at Placing Paws all knew that if someone would give Frankie a forever home until it was his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge , he would be forever grateful.

Frankie was fostered in the home of Placing Paws volunteers Jim and Linda. Shortly after his placement, Frankie had a grapefruit sized lump removed from his side that unfortunately was determined to be cancer. Placing Paws kept a close eye on Frankie and Care Animal Hospital monitored him very closely with regular check ups and X-rays when needed. However, due to his uncertain health and future, Placing Paws made the decision to “adopt” Frankie as a sanctuary dog.  Jim and Linda had fallen in love with Frankie, and he had become a part of their family, so they agreed to permanently love and care for Frankie until he passed to the Rainbow Bridge .

Frankie spent a year living with Jim and Linda and their dog Kara. Frankie greeted everyone with a wag and a WOOF and quickly learned to snuggle into a dog bed bought just for him.  Frankie chased June bugs in the spring and basked and snoozed in the summer sun near their atrium door. He greeted Trick or Treaters at Halloween, welcomed Jim and Linda’s whole family at Thanksgiving and had a special ornament made just for him on their Christmas tree. During the winter months, Frankie enjoyed nibbling on snow like it was his personal treat.  Frankie was adored, loved and cared for and he kept his word and returned this love a hundred fold and more. Frankie taught many about the power of love and of second chances. At last, Frankie had found what he was looking for - his final “forever home”.

A year later, with Jim and Linda beside him, Frankie went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge . Although Frankie’s passing was sad, and he was grieved by many, we all take comfort that in the end he found what he was looking for - a long and amazing life and a “forever home”.


Jesse is an adorable female black lab that was found along with her brothers in a school yard on a rainy day in Southwest Missouri when they were only five months old. Jesse was found with an injured leg which we tried to save through surgery. Unfortunetly, the damage was too extensive and her leg had to be amputated. Jesse's surgery at Grayslake Animal Emergency & Treatment Center.
Jesse was later adopted by one of the veterinarians at AETC and has a new lease on life and loves every minute of it!

Sandy, a beautiful orange tabby who Placing Paws rescued at 10 weeks old, suffered a severe eye infection in both eyes. He was treated at Eye Care for Animals specialty clinic in Wheeling. He required approximately 3 months of eye medication and re-checks at the clinic.
Sandy was adopted by his foster mom who absolutely adores him and can't imagine life without him.

Her Name Is Easter

Some people say that everything happens for a reason.  I didn’t believe that until I got involved in rescue.  The week before Easter Sunday I traveled to Marion, IL with my son’s high school baseball team to watch them play in a tournament.  One afternoon I checked my e-mail and because I had been gone for a few days there were hundreds to read.  One in particular jumped out at me, the subject line read “Williamson County Dog Pound, Marion.  It turns out that Williamson County Dog Pound was 5 minutes down the road from my hotel.

After a series of phone calls, later that afternoon the local rescue worker and originator of the e-mail called me.  We decided to meet at the animal control the next afternoon.  When we arrived the ACO was out on a call so we had some time to talk.  We got to talking about how the facility operates and what kind of dogs they had currently.  She told me about a few different labs that she had met the day before.  I was immediately interested in them because they are such popular dogs and so easy to place. 

After the ACO got back from his call we went inside the facility and I took pictures of all the dogs.  The shelter was eerily quiet from the outside.  If you didn’t know it was an animal control you never would have guessed by the silence of the building.  However, as soon as we walked in all of the dogs joined in a chorus of barking, as if each one is saying “pick me, pick me”.  My hope was to meet them all, see what their temperaments were like and then decide which dogs we would like to target for our next transport.  I wasn’t going to take one that day; I was staying in a hotel and didn’t have anyplace to keep the dog overnight.  My first interest was a very large, super friendly yellow lab boy.  We brought him outside for some fresh air and you could tell he just enjoyed being out of his run getting some attention.  The next dog I brought out was a black lab girl.  She barked excitedly when I approached her kennel run.  When I opened the kennel door she waited patiently for me to attach a leash onto her Easter grass green plastic collar.  Once she knew she had the all clear to come out of her run she did an army crawl to exit.  A few feet from the run she perked up and followed me outside, as if we had known each other forever and I had already taught her to heel.   I introduced the two dogs to each other on leash to see how they would react.  One thing that is imperative to Placing Paws being able to take in a dog is that they have to be good with other dogs.  She greeted the yellow male submissively and neither one reacted much to the other one.  They were both more interested in getting some much needed attention.  After a few minutes this black lab girl who had been kenneled for ten days without any exercise was laying by my side just soaking up the afternoon sun.  She wasn’t jumping, or pulling on leash she was just happy to be outside.  I spoke to the ACO about where she had come from.  He told me that she was a stray that wandered onto a woman’s property and she couldn’t keep her so she brought her to the animal control.  She was wearing her green plastic collar when she was found so she was obviously someone’s pet at some point in her young life.  She patiently waited at the animal control for about 10 days and nobody came to claim her.  Her time was running out.  Black dogs almost never get adopted from shelters and they are often the first to get euthanized.  This beautiful, sweet, friendly, perfect girl deserved so much better than that. 

The ACO couldn’t guarantee how long he could hold her.  It was getting close to 4pm and closing time for the animal control.  They were not open the next day because it was Good Friday so I had to make a quick decision.  We had a pretty full car and only had room for one dog.  I knew that it was the end of spring break and all of the boarding facilities would be full.  All of our foster homes were full and the day cares that we work with were also jammed full of boarding clients.  I wasn’t sure where I would put her when I got home but decided that this lab girl was way too nice to leave behind.  I told the ACO that I was taking her with me.  I signed the release form and off we went.  After taking a few more pictures I opened my car door and she hopped right in.  We were off to the vet for an exam, a bath and an overnight stay.  While at the vet’s office I called Becky because we had to come up with a name and my mind was blank, she suggested Easter.  It was after all Easter weekend and this lucky girl was just given new life.  Unfortunately there are millions of fantastic dogs just like Easter, sitting in shelters across the country just waiting to be saved.

Friday morning I picked her up, she jumped eagerly back into my car and we headed off for our 5 hour drive home.  Easter was a dream in the car; once she settled down she sprawled out on the backseat and slept most of the way home.  By the time we got back to Mundelein Becky had a potential foster home lined up.  One of our phenomenal volunteers had a friend who was willing to come and meet her and said she could foster for a few days (famous last words).  This was a great relief because we figured if we could at least get through the end of spring break then she could go to the daycare.  We are very lucky to have the support of Marla and K9 Playtime.  After her new potential foster mom spent 2 minutes with Easter she agreed to take her home.  By Monday she had fallen so in love with her and she fit so well in her home that she wanted to adopt her.  This dog that was on death row just days before had already found her forever home.

Easter who is now named BeBe will live happily ever after being spoiled rotten and loved like every dog deserves to be loved.  She has some doggie friends that she gets to frequent the dog park with while she swims in the lake and chases tennis balls.  You can just see her smiling.  There was a reason that I received that e-mail the week that I was in Marion, IL.  There was a reason that she was there that day on death row.  She was there because she was meant to be rescued by Placing Paws and to be placed into the “heart of her forever home”.

The Horrors of Puppy Mills


Cullen Gigi Jacques Macey Maurice
Bernard Cullen Gigi Jacques Macey Maurice


On January 31st 2010, Placing Paws rescued a bunch of dogs from two different puppy mills in Missouri. A puppy mill is a commercial breeding facility where puppies are mass produced for profit without regard for the health or well being of the puppies or the breeder dogs. The mills house their dogs in deplorable conditions, they are fed inadequate food and seldom if ever receive veterinary care. The breeding dogs are never allowed outside of their cages. They are forced to live in wire bottomed cages 24 hours per day where they have to eat, sleep and go potty. There are an estimated 4,000 puppy mills in the U.S. that produce more than half a million puppies a year. When the puppy mill is done with their breeding dogs, they will either euthanize them or sell them at auction. The lucky ones get rescued and get a second chance at a happy life.
Bernard, Jacques, Cullen, Maurice, Macey and GiGi arrived on Sunday night in horrible condition . . .

The recent expenses incurred with these puppy mill dogs are a huge financial burden on a small organization like Placing Paws. It could greatly jeopardize the number of dogs that we will be able to save in 2010. We know that in the current economic times, it can be very hard to make a large donation. Please know that donations of any size WILL make a difference. We also have created many other ideas and opportunities for you to help.  If we all pull together and help out just a little, it will help out a lot and continue to allow us to save more animals. This is especially needed in these difficult times because the animals need us now more than ever.

How can you help?

  • Make a monetary donation and ask your company for a match. Many companies offer this and it is a great way to increase your contribution.
    Click for more details
  • Donate a raffle item. Raffle items are a great Fund Raising opportunity for Placing Paws. Items of any size and value are welcome.
    Think big and ask your employer.
    Ask stores and places of service that you frequent if they would like to
    donate an item, service or gift certificate to raffle.
    Click for more ideas.
  • Group Fund Raising Ideas. Schools, Scout Troops, Church Groups, etc, are often looking for a local service project to serve the community. This is great way to help raise money and goods for Placing Paws.
    Click for more ideas and details
  • Host a Jewelry or Web Party or shop online at www.vineyardfashions.com. Nikki Vineyard of Vineyard Fashions will donate 20% of the proceeds to Placing Paws.
    Click here for more details


JJ - A Happy Tail... AKA a Christmas Tail
JJ is
JJ was saved from horrible conditions by an Illinois Licensed Humane Investigator on October 30th. While the investigator was looking for another dog in the area she saw JJ's pen across a backyard. When she found him he was in a chicken wire enclosure in a wooded area behind the owners property. It was pouring rain all day that day. JJ had no food, water or shelter. His water bowl had only leaves inside. JJ was emaciated, scared and soaking wet. When he was let out of his pen he was so hungry that he started eating the grass..JJ made friends quickly with his rescuer. JJ was placed in a wonderful foster home with Placing Paws; his foster mom began teaching him that people were not all bad.
On Christmas Eve JJ's wait was over; his new family took him home! He is now living a wonderful life expressing his terrier personality with his new two and four legged brothers and sisters.
Thank you to all that have made it possible for Placing Paws to help animals like JJ.

Please consider donating in honor
of JJ



Otto’s story begins in a rural Indiana shelter. The shelter was moving to a new building and the decision was made that no animals from the old shelter would transfer to the new. This meant that all animals at the old building had to be found homes or faced euthanization.

Otto was guessed to be a 10 year old Labrador mix that was taken from his owners on neglect charges– he was tied up in their yard, emaciated, and bald due to flea allergies and untreated thyroid condition. The shelter manager felt there was something special about Otto and pleas were made to save him. Placing Paws of Illinois, a newly formed rescue group in Libertyville IL , agreed to take Otto into their all volunteer program.

Otto arrived at Placing Paws with eyes were so infected he could barely see and skin far worse then expected. The green material coming from his eyes was indescribable. His physical conditions made him smell so bad that he could not stay at the rescue’s doggie daycare, so he became a resident at the rescue Vet’s office. The Vet determined Otto had been so neglected that along with the thyroid condition, eye and ear infections, he also had serious skin infections that would require strong antibiotics. Fortunately, a visiting pharmaceutical rep happened to see Otto at the Vet and donated the needed antibiotics for Otto. The Vet also determined Otto was not ten years old; he was at best 5 to 7 years old.

Otto was in such rough physical shape that he spent 78 days at the rescue Vet recovering from his neglect. Despite his challenges, he won the hearts of everyone who met him. He became their mascot, spending time in the back room instead of in a kennel. As time went on, the hair on Otto’s body began to fill in a little and he became spunkier. He finally was able to transfer to a foster home where his character really started to show. He discovered the joy of exploring and wandering around their yard, free from chains, and learned how to live life as a “real” dog.

While at the Vet for a check up, they noticed an unusual area on his chest. Surgery was performed to remove what turned out to be a 5 inch sized mass from his chest. That day it was snowing very hard and when Otto returned to his foster home post surgery, all he wanted was to be in their back yard and play in the snow. Otto’s joy for the simple things in life was not stopped by surgery! Much to the relief of everyone, the surgery results came back that this mass was a benign tumor (not cancer).

Otto became Placing Paws’ unofficial ambassador, attending fundraisers and educational programs, and would not let anyone pass us by without saying “hi” to him.

But what Otto needed most was to find a forever home, so his story was submitted to the local press as “Pet Of The Week”. After several stops and starts, an application came in from Amy and her husband Tony. Amy saw Otto’s picture at a local grocery store and knew she wanted him to join their family. It was a match made in heaven! Tony is retired and enjoys Otto’s company while Amy is at work. Now Otto, a formerly neglected and unwanted dog, goes to the dog park almost every day, gets his meals cooked for him and is loved beyond belief. Otto has found a forever home and his story is truly one very “happy tail”.





Placing Paws of Illinois, NFP, is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.
We are an all breed dog and cat foster based rescue group.
Our main focus is to save dogs and cats that are in danger of being euthanized.