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Miley was our first rescue of 2018. When we were contacted by Leslie in SE Missouri with a plea for help and pics of her X-rays – I knew we had to help!

You see, this little girl was hit by a car in rural Missouri on or around Saturday, December 30th. Lucky for her, someone found her that day, but they weren’t positive how long she’d been there before they discovered her. They gave Miley some food and water and gave her a blanket to keep her “warm” but they didn’t know who to call so Miley without another option, laid there and waited for rescue. She wasn’t brought to safety until the evening of Monday, January 1st.

So, Miley spent at least three days laying severely injured in a ditch, enduring frigid temperatures, and at the mercy of predators, after she was discovered. While most of us were celebrating on New Years Eve, Miley was fighting for her life in a ditch by the side of the road! Alone, cold, in tremendous pain and terrified.

X ray

Fixing broken bones quickly is imperative before they start healing on their own. With time not on her side her rescuer Leslie was able to secure a transport with volunteer drivers (thank you Marlene and Deb) to Libertyville from Sikeston, MO on Wednesday the 3rd of January. She needed surgery as soon as possible to repair her fractured hip and two broken femurs. Her first surgery was on January 5th and on January 17th she WALKED out of the vet’s office on her own to go to foster care. Over several months she had multiple surgeries to repair both legs, spay her and then take out the hardware after her legs healed. She recovered faster than anyone could have imagined. Dr. Luaces at Care Animal Hospital surgically repaired all of her injuries. Everyone at Care was INCREDIBLE and tended to her every need. Her foster mom took excellent care of her at home. She received physical therapy at TOPS in Grayslake. When she was all healed her foster mom adopted her. Please look in the comments to see a video of her running and playing ball!

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