A donation to Placing Paws Rescue in Libertyville, IL is being organized on behalf of Juli Heuel Oberlin following her recent tragic passing. Placing Paws has the goal of saving animals from high risk situations. Juli was passionate about dogs and helping animals. Juli’s family has chosen this organization as Juli helped rescue two starving dogs to get them placed there, and also did a fundraiser for them this past winter by doing pet drawings. 

Please feel free to leave comments for the family as they will be included with your donation. The past few months have been an incredibly difficult time not only for the families and individuals affected by the sudden and unexpected passing of Juli, but for everyone throughout the world. This fundraiser has brought comfort to many during this time and has been an example of people looking to support one another, which is so admirable. Thank you for considering showing support to Juli’s family and friends during this extremely difficult time.